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Word Wall Words and Chatterpix

Kindergarten students absolutely love to express their learning using an iPad. Touch enabled devices, whether Android or iOS, give them the opportunity to utilize digital tools at a very efficient rate. Combine it with the ability to share through Google Drive, and you have a powerful learning experience as students can view their classmate's work in a shared folder. 

In the video below, I recorded myself teaching Mrs. Kuehnert's kindergarten at Wayne Center Elementary. (I apologize for the poor sound quality.) Mrs. Kuehnert wanted to integrate more technology tools into her independent word work time. One portion of their word work time is to use dry erase boards. I also have been working quite a bit with them on using Chatterpix. So I decided to combine the two and show them the photo-edit and typing features in Chatterpix to add onto their prior experiences. Here you will see students write their word wall words on a dry erase board, take a picture with Chatterpix and record their voice, type their words, and upload it to Google Drive. 

I love how the students started to help each other post to Google Drive toward the end. Mrs. Kuehnert has several students that pick up on where to upload their videos very quickly. Once they know how, they spread the information around the group as students came back to the meeting area. I really only had to get a few students going. The sharing portion is powerful as they can watch and discuss the videos. It is fun to listen to their conversations. 

At the very end of the video, I have several samples posted. I'll post a few here as well as I believe these short 30-second videos provide a wealth of information about the students. Yes, the activity is engaging and the students love completing the task with their iPad. The teacher can also essentially count these as conferences as the students are not only showing their work, but vocalizing. You can hear several students that copied their words correctly, but were not sure how to decode them. Now you have a teaching point the next time you meet with the student. 

I love the versatility of Chatterpix. Mrs. Kuehnert is discovering this as well as we continue to utilize one tool for different purposes. It is powerful as the students begin to recognize that they can use these tools to express their learning.