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Todaysmeet Reading Groups

First Grade Discussion on TodaysMeet
One fun way to use TodaysMeet is to have small groups of students discuss a text. This gives an opportunity for the kids to read and respond in a manner that will provide a challenge. It also provides practice of digital citizenship skills with how to speak on the Internet. This discussion didn't go to the extent of students chatting with each other as they were only responding to my questions. However, it is a start and a good one at that as this was the first that they had used TodaysMeet in this format.

To set up the lesson, I made a scan of the text, created a TodaysMeet room, grabbed the QR code, and pieced it together with Pic Wall. That way the students could get to my meeting as soon as they were finished reading just by scanning the code. (More information on how to set up a TodaysMeet can be found here.)
Directions, QR Code, and Article Made with Pic Wall

The Transcript of the Discussion:

With older grades or high ability students, it would be great to train them to be the moderators of these discussions. The teacher could offer a few questions to ask ahead of time and the moderator could add to them. They could learn to keep the flow of the conversation going and maintain the room while the teacher meets with other students or moderates another group using Todaysmeet.


  1. I LOVE this idea!! I think my MS intervention students would be very excited to communicate about a reading passage in this way. I am definitely going to investigate for an upcoming lesson!

    1. Glad you found it to be helpful! I'd love to hear back from you to see how it went. :)

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