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QR Code Craze

QR codes are nothing new, but kids sure do love to scan them. It is fun for them whether it takes them to a website or has a "secret" message. What is really fun is when you allow the kids to make their own QR Codes.

Vocabulary Words

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With Mrs. Jackson's third grade, I had students dig through their books for what I like to call "juicy words". These are words that stand out; words that are not common to their everyday conversations. Next, they used the context clues to determine the meaning, and double-checked the definition using the dictionary on their iPad. After that, they went to and selected the "plain text" option. They then wrote the definition of the word and saved the QR code to the camera roll. To label the QR code with the vocabulary word, we used Pic Wall so that Mrs. Jackson could keep straight which QR code belongs with the vocabulary word.

Book Reviews

Mrs. Herber, second grade teacher at Rome City Elementary, has been having students create book reviews with Shadow Puppet. She was having students upload them into Google Drive to make a collection, but she wanted to have the review available when a student picks up a book. This will help them make book choices. QR codes were just the ticket as they could copy the link straight from Shadow Puppet, paste it into, and download their QR code to the book review. Like Mrs. Jackson's third graders, we imported the image into PicWall. We also included the photo of the book to help Mrs. Herber match the QR code with the book. What a fun way to share the love of reading! 
I'd love to hear more great ideas of how students can be engaged in the learning process with QR codes. Scanning QR codes is one thing, but how often can they share their work through a code? I imagine this would be a great way for students to share their works that are in video format with their parents at home. The teacher could print the QR code and send it home with the student. Yet another way to increase teacher/parent communication.