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Mystery 3D Shapes

Can You Guess the Shape?

My wife, Michelle Yoder, is the real genius behind this activity. She started this project a couple years ago when East Noble was in the second year of its digital transition. Because of her innovative ideas for utilizing technology with first grade students, she was awarded the Jacob's Educator award from Indiana University. It was a proud moment for me. 

Using Chatterpix (Michelle used Puppet Pals), I worked with Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. O'Neill's classes to create the same magic. Plus I expanded upon it a little now that our district has access to GAFE accounts (Google Apps for Education). Because of our Google Accounts, the students were able to easily upload their videos into a Google Drive folder for me. I then uploaded them into Youtube, and from there I was able to import them into a Google Form and Kahoot game. 

The Lesson:

1. Students went on a photo scavenger hunt. They looked for 3D shapes throughout the classroom and snapped a few photos that they could use for the project. 
2. The students filled out a script to list the attributes of their shape. This required a little extra help as some of the students were describing the shape, but not necessarily listing the attributes. 
3. Using Chatterpix, I quickly demonstrated how to record and disguise their 3D shape. It is also important to note that they need reminders how to save their work to the camera roll as first grade students are more excited about watching their video than actually saving it. 
4. As students finished their projects, I reminded a few students how to upload their work to a shared Google Drive folder so that the class had a gallery of examples to view. Those students in turn became the teachers and assisted their classmates in the uploading process. The students love the opportunity to watch the videos their classmates create. 


I'm collecting assessment a couple ways in this project. One way is to assess the video itself. There is a lot of valuable information when the students share. You can quickly tell how well the students understand the concept by how they articulate their thinking. I measure this through the use of a rubric I created that is linked here

For the second part of the assessment, I selected a couple of avenues. One way Mrs. McDonald came up with was to create a Kahoot game. I thought this was a fun way to assess the students, but the problem is the subject area. Because Kahoot has shapes in their answer choices, I was afraid this would confuse the first grade students. See below:
Click Here to Access the Kahoot 3D Shape Game
Because of the shape issue, I put Mrs. O'Neill's first grade videos in Google Forms. I believe this will be a better format for the subject area. Try it out for yourself! 

(Remember to scroll to the bottom of the form to submit.)