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Instagram: Embed Your Posts

Parents and community members are on various forms of social media. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, most individuals utilize some form of social media outlet. These social media outlets provide an opportunity for teachers/student to share and communicate in ways that in a few short years ago seemed inconceivable.

This post is more of a continuation from two previous posts. One I gave a few practical tips and an overview of how to use Instagram. The second post shows how to insert and "Instagram Badge" on your website/blog. Here I am featuring how to embed individual images from Instagram on your blog/website.

Why should you want to embed individual Instagram posts?

  1. It will draw your audience to more social media outlets than just your website. Family and community members need to know when you update your blog/website so that they can continually stay informed. A connection between your social media outlets will help keep those reminders flowing. I also highly recommend pushing your Instagram posts out to your class Twitter/Facebook page as well. Essentially, Instagram can become the hub of all your classroom information.
  2. Keeping class images that you want to use in Instagram will help you stay organized. One of the most difficult things is remembering where I kept images of different events. Posting the good/important images you take in Instagram and giving a description will help document those moments. Embedding them on your blog/website is where you can expound upon the event. 
Want to know how to embed your posts? The directions are below. (Also note that I show how to copy the embed code by selecting all and copying. I did this because the "copy code" button was not working on my laptop. This was a method to ensure the code was copied.) 

Example Post from Instagram

A photo posted by Lance Yoder (@edgaged) on

This week the kindergarten students shared their thinking while a book was read aloud. The students used Hello Crayon on their iPad to draw what they could picture in their mind, and also wrote a sentence about their thinking. We then uploaded it to a Google Drive folder so that everyone could see the thoughts illustrated on the iPad. Parents, please try this at home. Have students illustrate their thinking while you read aloud to them. It creates a fun discussion.