Skip to main content is a free and easy resource to use. It creates a set of virtual index cards for study notes using Google Spreadsheets. Index cards have been used for years to memorize terms. However, to insert a picture, it would require some old magazines, scissors, and some paste. :) What is also fun is the fact that Youtube videos can be inserted into the cards. So if you are looking for an easy way to distribute study notes to students, Flippity might be for you.

Since Flippity works on any platform, I think it would be a great idea to copy the link to your deck of cards and create a QR code. Then students can quickly access the terms and practice as they enter or exit a classroom. The benefit of no account required allows you to distribute the deck to parents as well. This allows them to stay informed about the learning expectations in your classroom.
Use a QR Code for Quick Student Access
Also available on is a quiz show (much like jeopardy), certificate quiz (which allows them to keep trying until they get a certificate), and progress indicator bars. The directions are supplied just as the note cards.