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Recently, a teacher dropped me an email asking about graphing tools her daughter could use for science fair...other than Excel. Excel can feel a little cumbersome to elementary students. So I decided to go into my banks of resource and "plot" around for some good web-based graphing tools that span across computing platforms. 

The graphing tool of choice for elementary students is from NCES. It doesn't require an account, it is free to use, the tools are well organized and easy to read, students can preview their graph before to tweak it to their liking, and it works on a variety of different platforms. Students can save it as an image to their camera roll by long-pressing on the image. If students download it as a PDF, they can import it into Google Drive or OneNote. 

The NCES graphs would be great for any presentation tool, infographics, or even videos. A little non-traditional use would be with Chatterpix. Imagine the fun students would have if they could make the graph explain the data in 30 seconds. Import their Chatterpix into an app like Shadow Puppet and piece it together as a video, and now you're talking about an engaging presentation/video!