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Chatterpix Sentences

Chatterpix has been my go-to app as of late. 30 seconds of a student recording their thinking can give you a plethora of information about them. That and the fun-factor makes it a winner for every class with iOS devices.

In Mrs. Friend's first grade, we had students write a sentence on a dry erase board, record the sentence read aloud, and used a stamp to cover the punctuation. Thus making it a mystery as to which type of sentence was recorded. (Declarative, imperative, interrogative, exclamatory.) Of course, I had the students upload it to a Google Drive folder for all students to view. In the video above, you can see Mrs. Friend showing the entire class a few samples and discussing which type of sentence the student created.

Next, I had the idea to take some samples of student Chatterpix sentence videos and put them into a Google Form. In a sense, the students created quite a bit of assessment for the teacher as I created a rubric for the video as well as the Google Form with questions using the videos. Go ahead and look at the rubric for the video and try the form.

Sentences Rubric

Google Form

I will be attempting the same idea with Google Forms and 3D shapes with Mrs. McDonald's first grade. The students are in the process of making a Chatterpix with the attributes of a mystery shape. After they upload their examples to Google Drive, I plan on importing them into a Google Form to see if students can guess what the shape is based upon the attributes given.