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Word Clouds by

Mrs. Kuehnert, a Kindergarten teacher at Wayne Center Elementary, approached me this morning and mentioned that she was having her students type words in Notes on their iPad, taking a screenshot and importing it into Chatterpix Kids for the kids to read aloud. She was looking for a better alternative for students to type for their word study during her literacy block. 

Word Clouds by will provide a good outlet for her students as it is simple to use, more visually attractive than notes and the product can be easily imported into another app as it saves as an image on the camera roll. App smashing makes Word Clouds more applicable for a wide range of grade levels as the students can use the product in a presentation or video slide. 

The guide above gives a brief overview of how to use the app and some other cool apps the students and teachers can smash with it.

Here is a PDF version of the document.

Update: I forgot that Word Clouds cuts out high frequency words. This app will not work well for kindergarten as the focus is on those words. It may work well for parts of speech such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives.