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Kindergarten App Smashing

Students love to create and express their thinking on their iPad. That's why last month I did an entire post on Kindergarten using Hello Crayon to express their thinking while a text was read aloud. (In great detail, I might add.) After they made their creations and wrote their sentences about their thinking, they posted it on using QR Reader by Scan

Mrs. Kuehnert, Kindergarten teacher at Wayne Center Elementary, continued this activity as she could quickly see their thinking and the entire class could share in the experience as their work appeared on Mrs. Kuehnert's computer. 

To build upon what they already know, I had them perform the same task reading Snowmen at Night. After the students finished their illustrations and sentences and saved their work using Hello Crayons to the camera roll, they used Chatterpix Kids to make their images come to life by drawing a mouth on the image and recording their sentence read aloud! 

I have some samples for you to view. I didn't think it was too bad considering they have only used Chatterpix once prior to this meeting. Also, they didn't combine tasks from two separate apps. Thanks goes to Mrs. Kuehnert for allowing me to experiment with her Kindergarten students. It is fun seeing what they can do with an iPad!