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Hello Crayon, Chatterpix, Google Drive...Oh My!

For several weeks, I've been working with Mrs. Kuehnert's kindergarten class at Wayne Center Elementary. We've been having them respond to books read aloud using Hello Crayon for quite some time and then uploading the images to to share as a whole class. Last week, I had them import their images into Chatterpix so that they could record their voice reading their text aloud. It has been a fun ride as Mrs. Kuehnert pretty much lets me experiment with her class as much as I want.

Yesterday was an exciting day for a tech coach as I stopped by Mrs. Kuehnert's classroom to chat about where we can go next with technology integration. As it turns out, she's been having the kiddos use Hello Crayon to write the chunks of words. Then she had the students import it into Chatterpix to read their reading of the words aloud. So much fun! In the time-lapse video posted above, Mrs. Kuehnert was completely in charge as I got to be a Kindergarten student and participate in the lesson. :)

When everyone finished and saved their work, I taught the kids to upload their videos to a Google Drive folder. The students loved being able to watch the videos as they "magically" appeared on their iPads. This is much the same as utilizing to share a collection of student work. However, Google Drive is more user friendly on the iPad as frequently does not respond well to "happy tappers" like Kindergarten students tend to be.

Here are some samples: