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Family Tech Night: Second Grade

My Attempt at a Panoramic Photo

Family tech night was a blast with the second grade at Wayne Center Elementary. We had a pretty good turn out of families participating in the event. The great turnout was partially due to the parent communication done through the elementary teachers of East Noble using Blogger as their teacher websites. That and the combination of using provides a powerful communication combination that keeps parents conveniently informed. My teachers that have fully implemented these tools have truly enjoyed the capabilities these tools possess.  

Students and Parents were able to try out Shadow Puppet for the first time. They were amazed that a tool of this caliber was available on their iPads as they were able to share in the experience of reading poetry aloud and recording it with Shadow Puppet. They enjoyed the ability to select music, zoom in and focus on different portions of the poems and record expressively.

Here are a few samples I slapped together with

We wrapped up the evening with a fun game of brain teasers at Kahoot. It was a little over the head of the second graders, but it still provided some fun as the adults in the room tend to get a little bit competitive. They enjoyed it so much, I had many parents asking if they can make their own Kahoot games. If you are interested, you can find more information on my blogpost linked here.