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eLearning Days: SaveFromNet and Scannable

eLearning will be a topic that I will revisit from time to time as I come across tools that will enhance/speed up the process. It is time consuming for teachers to gather resources and plan for an entire eLearning day. It is even more time consuming when they make all their own resources for an eLearning day. Either way, here are a couple of free tools teachers can use to improve their experience with collecting learning content.

Savefromnet is a free service that allows you to download a video. Your first thought might be Youtube, but it will indeed download a video copy of videos from other locations as well. It even worked with some ShowMe lessons I had created a year ago. This video also covers how to upload it to Google Drive as it is the platform my school buildings are using to distribute eLearning materials for offline use. (Thanks, Julie Becker, for introducing this site to me.) 


Scannable is a free iOS provided by Evernote. This tutorial demonstrates how to quickly capture images of existing documents and combine them into a PDF file. The user has quite a few options as to the end result of the document. This video demonstrates how to export it to Google Drive.