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eLearning Days: Google Drive Sync

Google Drive is a great way for students to receive items for eLearning. I've posted extensively on the advantages on iOS devices and some for our Windows users. Overall, the response by teachers has been great as many feel that it has provided them with an outlet that meets all students' needs as not all students have Internet access. Students need to be able to access their content offline.

In a previous post, I shared how PC users can go straight to their teacher's Google Drive folder shared with them, select to download and all items come in one .zip file to export to their hard drive. This worked well for teachers as they didn't have to worry about students missing a download for an eLearning day. This is an easy mistake to make; especially if the teacher has many items to download.

(If you are interested in this process, make sure that you have shared a folder with students and with the contents inside it for downloading.) 

Google Drive Sync will make the process even easier as students can have all items instantly synced to their laptop for offline use. There are a couple steps to conquer first:

1. Students need to download Google Drive Sync to their computer. (This only need to happen one time.)    
2. Students need to go to Google Drive online and select the "incoming" tab. Any folders needed for offline use should be selected as "Add to My Drive".
On a final note, students do have the ability to delete a folder in their Drive sync. It does not affect the teacher's folder/files. In order for you to get the items back into the student's Drive, you will have to deselect the student from the shared folder and share it again. Then the student will need to choose "Add to My Drive" again for it to appear in his/her Drive sync. Let's just hope a student doesn't accidentally delete your folder.