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Chatterpix for Assessment

First Grade Viewing Shape Attribute Videos in Google Drive

Today, I worked with first grade at Rome City. I introduced Chatterpix to them for another way to produce video. We have been hitting Shadow Puppet so hard in the last few months, that I decided it was time to change it up a bit. Chatterpix provides a unique experience for students as they make images come to life.

Creating video is fun and engaging for students. They enjoy the opportunity to express their learning through video producing technology. It also is great for their speaking skills! However, the benefit isn't just engagement or enhancing the learning experience for the student. A major benefit to video is assessment. Through a 30-second Chatterpix recording, the teacher knows more about a student's understanding of shape attributes than a worksheet can offer. 

In this activity, the students were to find a shape in the classroom and snap a picture of it. Then they were to introduce him/herself as the shape and share the attributes. Afterward, students uploaded their video to a shared Google Drive folder. All students were able to view the videos their classmates made. Instant sharing gallery!

Let's look at some examples. 


You find out a lot about Sanad's thinking just by looking at the image. He identifies this shape as a square. He recognizes that a square has four sides as he verbally communicates that thought. However, he's missing some attributes. The teacher could pull this video up and discuss this information in a conference.


JJ not only communicates clearly what a circle is, but he also makes the connection between the circle and the oval sharing similar attributes when he mentions that "...Oval is my best friend". He also recognizes that the other shapes might make fun of him as he is so apparently different due to lacking sides and corners. Where could you take JJ next? How about connecting this information to three-dimensional shapes?


Erin did a fantastic job of making this video. She is extremely expressive and articulate. The video is downright entertaining. She clearly recognizes this shape as a rectangle. However, there is the need question her understanding of why this is a rectangle. Just like with Sanad, the teacher can pull up the video and get clarification from the student in a conference. (I even showed this to the parent of the child. In less than 30 seconds, she knew what her daughter was missing in understanding shape attributes.)


Helana does an excellent job of articulating what a square is. There is something wrong with this video. Did you catch it? The ceiling tiles are actually not squares. She took a picture at an angle that makes the tile appear almost square-like. It would be interesting to ask her why she picked the ceiling tiles and identified them as squares.

Where do you foresee being able to use a 30-second Chatterpix video as assessment?


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