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Brushes Redux

Tablet devices are fantastic for photo editing and artistic effects due to the ability to touch the screen. Not only that, but the touchscreen makes these types of tasks much easier for elementary students. Brushes Redux  is a free app in the iOS app store that allows just that. I like the layering features as you can place overlays on top of images or existing drawings. It has quite a few different types of brushes and is not lacking on the ability to manipulate the brushes to meet your specific needs.

Here is an overview of some basics that Brushes Redux has to offer (I apologize for the length, but there are quite a few features): 

I envision this app working well for posters, advertisements, or even presentation slides. Students are able to create their own unique twist to their work as there is a lot of freedom and choice within the app.

Here are a few other samples I created:
As you can see, I like burgers.

To get the text in the image, I typed it in notes, took a screenshot, then imported it as an image.