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eLearning Days: Assignment Turn-In

Managing eLearning can be very stressful. Last week, I posted about how teachers can utilize Google Drive to streamline the process of distributing content to students. You can also use Google Drive to have students turn in content to you. In this post, I'll cover how to setup a turn-in folder/assignment dropbox, how students submit images and documents, and how to submit from Type on PDF. 

Create the Dropbox/Submission Folder

One tidbit I didn't include very well in this video is the naming of the folders for the students. Since this folder will actually be shared with the student in their drive, you are going to want to be specific about the intent of the folder along with the student's identification. (Example: elearning dropbox 1/13 username.) The username would really need to be last as that piece of information is really intended for you more than the student. If you ever intend to use Google Drive for students to submit other items of content, this is a very important step. In fact, you could essentially use Google Drive for the submission of all assignments. That's another topic for another day.

How to Use the Student Turn-In Folder in Google Drive on the iPad

Using the photo upload feature allows students to use a wide variety of apps that include the manipulation/creation of photos and videos. Students could use Hello Crayon, Pic Wall, Shadow Puppet, 30 Hands, or Crayola Photo Mix & Mash to name a few. They just need to save the items to their camera roll, go to Google Drive, and upload them into the folder.

Typing Responses in Google Drive

The easiest way to have the students participate in eLearning is by having them type a response in Google Docs. The students can create a new document right in the folder that you have already setup for them. Include their prompt in the directions and have them create their own document within the turn-in folder. The teacher may want to include that they need to open the turn-in/dropbox folder first before creating the document. This is ensure that the assignment is not just floating around in the student's Google Drive.

Use Type on PDF in Google Drive

Type on PDF was the "bread and butter" of every teacher when East Noble started a 1:1 technology initiative. Sure it is mostly used to fill out a digital worksheet. Worksheets still have their time and place in the classroom. They just shouldn't be overused. Not only that, but it is an important technology skill to know how to handle a PDF file. (Warning: This feature will not work unless the student has included your shared folder as part of "My Drive" as instructed in the first video of this post.)

eLearning is by no means coming to a close. I plan next on covering different ways to screencast and collect content for your students. Of course, I will include tools that work really well with Google Drive. :)