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The Hour of Code 2014: Wayne Center Elementary and Rome City Elementary

The Hour of Code 2014 has come to a close for my elementary schools (Wayne Center and Rome City). I enjoyed receiving emails of pictures and invitations to see Kodable, Lightbot, or Scratch in action. The Hour of Code has certainly come with a polar divide of reviews from students and teachers. It was either well loved or well loathed. Through this experience, I learned a few things:

  • Not all individuals are geared to enjoy coding. Within seconds of entering a classroom I could tell who has the knack for it just by glancing at the vast array of facial expressions and body language. 
  • Educating students about computer science is essential. Students need to know that it is a profession and start working toward it now. Most students I talked to didn't realize how much writing code was intertwined within their daily lives.
I'm excited as students have really started to dig into their activities. I had several teachers that contacted me because they wanted the apps to stay on their iPads longer or they were looking for something to feed the need of a few students in their classroom that desired more challenge. 

Here is a little taste of our Hour of Code week: 

Thanks goes to my teachers who put some time into the Hour of Code this week. My hope is to have materials ready for you each year as this time rolls around to make the experience as smooth as possible. If you want to carry on the experience throughout the year, let me know!