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1st Grade Poetry Project - Crayola Photo Mix & Mash

How to Use Crayola Photo Mix & Mash
I love Crayola Photo Mix & Mash. It gives students the ability to add photos, text, and draw on a canvas. This turns out to be a great place for students to express their learning.

The first graders at Rome City Elementary have been studying and creating poetry for the last week. They've talked about different forms and aspects of poetry. This includes the purposes of capitalization, punctuation, and line breaks.

Mr. Yoder's Sample Poem
After discussing poetry and revisiting a few examples they read throughout the week, I shared a poem that I wrote (I'm quite proud of it too). Through the publishing of this poem, the students were able to see some of the quirks that the app has. For example: capital letters when returning to a new line, changing of  text format when re-sizing text boxes, and getting new text boxes changes the text format. One tip for this app that I highly recommend passing on to students is to break text into chunks. That way the author can manipulate where text is located and how it is sized on the canvas.

Using the app in front of the student and showing the "quirks" before they dig in can eliminate quite a few frustrations of primary students. Primary students tend to be sensitive when the technology isn't functioning quite the way they want. This helps them understand that their frustrations are normal and gives them the problem solving skills necessary to accomplish a task.

Here are a few samples of student work: