Skip to main content Addimal Adventure and Mt. Multiplis  provides two exciting resources for students to use to build up their addition and multiplication skills on the iPad. These resources provide specific strategies for solving addition and multiplication facts, and they keep track of student progress. You might as well try them because they are FREE.

Addimal Adventure is good for classrooms that have one iPad all the way to a class set.. The teacher can create an account at and create a class of students under him/her. Before the students use the app, the teacher will want to log into each device. From this point on, students will be prompted to select their name prior to playing the game. This will track their game progress and report which addition facts are memorized. As the students play the game, their goal is to win as many gold pieces as possible. Students earn the gold pieces by having the facts memorized.

Mt. Multiplis is not quite as flexible as Addimal adventure as far as students accounts/use go. This app works best in an environment where all students have a device as an account is not required. It saves student progress for one user at a time. If you were to have a small number of devices, there could be a rotation throughout the year on using this app. If you are in a 1:1 environment for grades 3-5, try it out. 

If you are interested in having students share their progress with you, a simple way could be having the students make a screenshot after every memorization round. Then have them send it through email or whichever learning management system you are using. (Schoology, Canvas, Edmodo, Showbie, etc.) That way you have instant feedback and do not have to bother logging into another site to see how your students are performing.