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First Grade Timelines

It has been exciting to work with the first graders at Rome City Elementary as we created digital timelines on the iPad. As part of the Indiana social studies academic standards, students are to create a timelines of events occurring in class or in their life. They also have to use terms to represent that unit of time. (For example: yesterday, today, tomorrow, next week, etc.)

This process actually took several visits as we had to discuss what a timeline was and learn how to use Popplet and Shadow Puppet. I broke it down like this:

  1. What is a timeline and create one as a class. Use Popplet to type what happens throughout the week. Students had to be trained on how to create and delete, select, move, and resize "popples." 
  2. Review timeline. Download photos of our specials times from email (or whatever learning management system you are using). Insert photos into Popplet from photo library. Show students how to add colors to the frames in Popplet. Demonstrate how to use "view all" in Popplet prior to saving. Press export and save. 
  3. Review timeline. Show students how to create a Shadow Puppet by adding a photo of their timeline, inserting music, and recording their voice. When they were all finished, the students emailed their work to their teacher. 
Emailing the product in this scenario works great as it takes the teacher directly to a link where they have the option of downloading or embedding the Shadow Puppet sample. My teachers are new to using Showbie as an LMS, so my next step is to start experimenting with the benefits of sending the work to Showbie over email. 

Overall, the project went very well between the two first grade classrooms. There are certainly things I would adjust. If it were my own class, I probably would have arranged a trip around the school to gather the pictures and gather them in the order in which the events take place. This would help with the concept of timeline being in sequential order, teach picture taking and etiquette. 

Here is a sample: