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Chrome Extensions

As a teacher, I'm always looking for ways to be more efficient/productive due to the sheer amount of work that has to be completed. Before I became a technology coach, a vast majority of teaching ideas came from the Internet as they obviously do now that I'm a tech coach. I would venture to say that if Chrome Extensions were around then, I would have been a lot more efficient.

Chrome extensions are tools that...well..extend your abilities on the Internet. There are tons of them that you can add onto your Chrome browser so that you can quickly save items, send things to your favorite social media, or even send to a mobile device. They have been around for a few years now so the possibilities are quite expansive.

Before we get too far into the Chrome extensions, you should know that you  need to be signed into your Google account. If you are a Google Apps for Education school, you can use your school district log in information as well. (East Noble Teachers can use their school email address.) Here is not only how you sign into Chrome with your Google account, but how to can use multiple accounts in Chrome at the same time without signing in and out continuously:

I'm only going to look at four Chrome extensions in this blog post as I feel that they were greatly benefit the teachers with which I work. There might be opportunities for more in the future, so I plan on using a "chrome extension" tag in the posts so that all of them can be found conveniently here. Let's take a look at a few:

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Now that you've seen a little bit about Chrome extensions, think about some of the other web services you use. Search the Chrome Web Store and see if they have any extensions that might interest you.