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Kahoot is a fun, interactive game that teachers can use to match any content area. Much like the sports trivia games that you find at restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings, users gain points by answering correctly and quickly. Now with a classroom set of Internet enabled devices, you can do the same with your lessons.

Teachers have the choice of either using it for a quiz with a specific answer being correct, a discussion starter, or a survey to collect data. No matter how you choose to utilize this tool, it engages the student and offers opportunities for the teacher to take advantage of some teachable moments. I've even used it for a digital citizenship discussion for a parent night my fifth and sixth grade teachers.

To get started, teachers will need to create an account at As teachers create Kahoot sessions, they will remain saved under their account name. Teachers also have the option to search through thousands of shared Kahoots if he/she would rather not reinvent the wheel. However, students will need to access through Students will then punch in the "game pin" that is displayed upon the teacher launching the game session and typing their name. The teacher will need to project their game screen from their device as students will only have color coded boxes with the choices on the main screen. I would advise making the first question a practice round so that the audience has a feel for how the process works.

After the session is over, the instructor has the option of downloading the content into an excel sheet. This is convenient as it makes it easy to sort through the responses and analyze the data. This information is valuable whether the purpose is for a quiz, review, or a discussion.

Want to know more? Check out these videos on how to create a Kahoot, get students involved, and download the data after the session: