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ICE Conference

I'm excited to be presenting tomorrow and Friday at the Indiana Connected Educators (ICE) Conference. There will be some great educators from around the state sharing their expertise in utilizing technology as a teaching/learning tool. There will also be a strong lineup of keynote speakers as we will hear from Leslie Fisher, Kevin Honeycutt, Dave Burgess, and Sylvia Martinez.

I will be providing two sessions: SAMR Tools (Thursday) and Organized Chaos (Friday). I have experience presenting at several conferences, but this will be my first for ICE. Here is a quick overview of my sessions:

SAMR Tools

SAMR stands for: substitution, augmentation, modification, and redefinition. It is tool for leveling the use of technology in your classroom to change it from enhancing to transforming the learning experience. I'll chat a bit about the SAMR model, but what I really want to do is dig into some fun and exciting tools that students can use on iOS devices. (Some of these tools are also available on Android.) I want people to bring their iPad, open up the App Store, and explore the digital playground. 

Organized Chaos

Teaching in the elementary classroom is already tough enough to organize. Throw in a class set of iPods or iPads and now things get really interesting. What do you do to help get things organized? How in the world do you keep students on the app you want them to use? This collaborative session will give teachers an opportunity to discuss how to build a positive digital culture.

I look forward to the opportunity to meet Indiana educators, hear about the exciting things happening in classrooms, and getting a few new tricks to try out with my schools.