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Spot the Spyware

Photo from: edtechnologyideas

There are quite a few virtual clicker systems out there. I have talked about Socrative and Infuse Learning before and find both resources to be very useful for collecting data, assessing, and student engagement.

Kahoot is a unique experience as it really beings out the competitive spirit as it totals points based upon speed and accuracy. It even announces who is in the lead after each question. It reminds me of being in college and playing the trivia games that were available at Buffalo Wild Wings. Each person had their own response system and users answered sports trivia while waiting for your food.
You can create and access a teacher account at There you have the ability to create your own Kahoot! game or you can search their archives for others that are made by other teachers. Students will have to access through

Thus far, this post hasn't matched the title at all. I actually am posting this because I created a Kahoot game that I titled "Spot the Spyware." Through it, I show various pictures of screens that may appear on student computers depending upon the level of downloading activity the students engages in. This is a major concern for our Lenovo PC users as students are not quite as keen on what is legit on the Internet and what is a potential threat. By showing the images of these screens in a Kahoot game, I am hoping to create a great dialogue with students about the dangers of downloading, and how to think prior to clicking on a box that pops up on their screen.

If your students are using a PC laptop, feel free to use it how you wish. You can access my game here.