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Outlook 2013 - Calendar Edition

Today I had a teacher stop me in the hallway and mention that it would be really helpful if I could make a quick tutorial on how to navigate in Outlook calendars. It is really, really handy when a teacher makes these specific requests so that I can best meet teacher needs. So if you are noticing that teachers need some guidance on a specific tool, please speak up so that I can get on it.

Calendar Navigation

This video is for those of you that are unfamiliar with using multiple calendars in Outlook. Here I will show you how to view your calendar in different ways as well as how to overlay the calendars on top of each other so that appointments are easier to see. 

Adding Appointments, Reoccurances, Reminders, and Invitations

One great feature about the calendar in Outlook are the reoccurances. You can make an appointment and choose the frequency at which it appears on the calendar. That way you do not have to repeatedly add the same event to the calendar. Another must have is the invitation feature. Here you can invite individuals by email address. It automatically adds it to their calendar, and if you change anything about the appointment, it will send them a notice. These features could even be used with students so that you can keep them informed of the classroom events.