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Outlook 2013 - Advanced Rules

To add to my collection of Outlook 2013 tutorials, I decided to go a little more in detail with rules that you can create to better organize your email. I will warn you that it can get overwhelming as there are a lot of options to look at while setting up more advanced rules. However, becoming more familiar with rules will ultimately save you time as you can better organize your inbox.

In this example, I create a rule based upon the sender and subject line combined. Based upon those conditions, it will create a copy of the email, put it into a specified folder, add it to my task list, and play a sound to alert me that it has arrived. Please notice that I said that it would make a copy of the email and put it in the folder. That means it will not be removed from your inbox. This is significant as many teachers utilize mobile devices. One of our biggest problems with utilizing rules to move specific messages to another folder is that users on mobile devices have to consciously find the folder that was designated without any warning that it was moved. This sometimes causes one to miss important emails that are time sensitive. Copying the email to a folder will eliminate that issue.

Like I said previously, there are many rules you can apply. This is just one combination out of hundreds. The one I performed here might just be more significant to the majority of users' needs.