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Office 365 - Student Orientation

If you as a school district have adopted Office 365 in Education, then this post is for you. As students received their laptops with Windows 8.1 for the first time today, we realized a couple things: The students did not have a OneDrive for Business sync on their computer, and they needed an overview of the many ways to save their files.

(Please keep in mind that this post directly to relates to teachers and students within East Noble School Corporation. The methods by which your school district would like for you to save may differ.)

The OneDrive for Business sync is a must. Initially I had attempted to just log into it as it is part of Windows 8.1, but the students couldn't log into it. After speaking with a member of the tech department, we came to the conclusion that it needed to be downloaded. This requires quite a bit of time, but it is absolutely necessary if you desire for students to be able to access their files very quickly. In the long run, the sync will save time.

Students can create, move, and save files in Office 365 by many methods. This tutorial gives students an overview of accessing them through the file explorer (must be installed by the process in the video above), any Microsoft Office product, and the Office 365 web version.