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No More Newsletters!

Teachers are short on time. It is difficult to keep up with writing a newsletter. It is hard to keep up with the upkeep of a website. (Hence the reason we have moved East Noble elementary teachers to is easy!) Thanks to, you can save tons of time by posting everything on your Blogger site and making a PDF copy of it without using tons of ink making color copies.

Before I get into using the tool, here is a list of tips I would consider when preparing your Blogger site for Printfriendly:


1. Add a Heading above your text. Print friend does not seem to recognize your titles. So you may have to add an extra heading above each post. Here is how you change text to a heading:

2. Treat each post as newsletter information. So things like including links into your post. The readers need to be able to see the entire address in order to utilize it. For example: 

3. Clean up your post by deleting excess. I had a teacher ask me about removing posts you do not need in your newsletter to go home. Printfriendly actually lets you delete extra text you do not want. So don't worry about repeating news. You can clean it up later.

4. Find out from parents how many actually need a paper version. They have access to the website. Why send repeated information if they do not need it? Have parents opt-in on newsletters.

Here is how to use Printfriendly in more detail: