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Socrative Youtube Channel

I have always loved the concept of . Web-based tools that work across platforms are great for technology coaches like myself because no matter what school I visit, it will work. It is a great way to assess students as you can quickly gather data and either have a feel for what they need to know or have already learned. Socrative has recently have changed things up a bit and the environment of Socrative may look new to you the next time you stop in to create a few activities. Here is a quick preview: What I'm excited about is the Youtube channel they have created with video tutorials. This will save me a lot of time as I'm accustomed to making my own. I also plan on using this channel for an upcoming online training course I'm building for my staff. It is still developing, but I plan to launch it soon. Check out the Socrative Youtube Channel yourself!  

Brew Your Own Personalized PD

Brew Your Own Personalized PD, an EdSurge Guide — Michelle R. Green (@mrg_3) April 22, 2014 Every student has different needs. They come in with different abilities, interests, backgrounds, and learning styles. Every teacher understands this, right? So if that is the case, are teachers any different?  Now that I have finished my year of coaching elementary teachers how to utilize/integrate technology, I think pretty deeply about how I provide professional development opportunities. Teachers have various ability levels, interests, and learning styles. I understand this and feel it is time I explain my "method to the madness" so that teachers better understand what I'm attempting to accomplish and how it is of use to them.  Traditional - Looking at the "infographic" above, I still provide opportunities from time to time in this manner. Doing a whole group session on a topic and discussing it as a group is how most mater