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Shadow Puppet 2.0: Disable Image Search

One of the things I've been reminded of over and over this year is the power of social media. Not long after I posted about the new version of one of my all time favorite iOS apps, Shadow Puppet, I received quite a bit of Twitter activity and an email from a member of the Shadow Puppet team. One of the features I requested from them was to include the ability to turn off the photos from the Internet. I asked for it for a couple reasons: 
  1. Typically apps with its own image search and filter will bypass our school's filter. Granted, Shadow Puppet did a pretty good job with their filtering. However, school technology departments typically feel more comfortable if they are the ones that control the filtering. 
  2. Some teachers would rather students use authentic images for their projects in Shadow Puppet. You can tell students to use their own images, but in reality it doesn't always work that way. 
Thanks again, Shadow Puppet, for doing awesome work. We educators appreciate being heard and are impressed with your efforts to continue to improve your product as it is a great asset to our students.