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Remind101 and Blogger: Be a Super Communicator!

Remind101 is a messaging tool that teachers can use to send one way text messages to parents. There are couple things great about it: 1. Most parents have a cellphone regardless of being a "smartphone." Text messages will work no matter what kind of cell phone a parent has. 2. People check their text messages more frequently than email or websites. It is great for those last minute reminders that parents need to know quickly.

Blogger is a great website for parents to keep up with their child's class. This is especially applicable to elementary teachers as parents really want to have a sneak-peek as to what the students are learning. Teachers are essentially keeping an online journal of the year's events, and this becomes a great asset to you as the teacher because parents will reinforce the learning at home just by asking simple questions. It is hard for parents to ask those simple questions without having a little clue as to what is happening because students typically respond with, "not much" or "nothing" if asked what happened at school that day.

Now imagine you used both? How powerful would that be to have text messages arrive on parent phones and have them see the weekly events occurring in your classroom from your Blogger site. Too much work? Not really if your Remind101 messages can appear directly on your Blogger site! Here is how:


  1. Update: Remind 101 is changing their name to "Remind." Same great product. Just a new name.


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