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Knight Time Technology is June 13

Next week is East Noble School Corporation's technology conference. If you want to participate, there is still time to register! Jump in by visiting! Above is a "Thinglink" interactive picture that has some bits of information. (To be honest, I was more just having fun with it! Thinglinks are a little bit addicting.) 

For those already attending, the schedule is posted at If you access it on a mobile device, you can actually turn it into an app so that it stays on your device. If you log into the app, you can save which sessions you want to attend so that you don't have to continually scroll. If you have a few sessions you want to attend within a time-slot, go ahead and mark all that spark your interest so that it is easier to remember them for later. Directions for placing the mobile app on your device and logging are posted: 

For those of you that have participated in Knight Time Technology in the past, we have a type of session that is new to us: poster sessions. Poster sessions give you as the visitor the opportunity to meet with a variety of educators on a variety of topics. You can spend as long as you like as it is much like "shopping for PD." 

Here is a little something I put together to help you get ready for the day: 

Tech4Learning's Overview of Poster Sessions