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ISTE 2014

Teaching in the elementary classroom is already tough enough to organize. Throw in a class set of iPods or iPads and now things get really interesting. What do you do to help get things organized? How in the world do you keep students on the app you want them to use? What can students really accomplish on iOS devices?  
At ISTE, I want to collaborate with teachers on how to build a positive digital culture. A portion of that culture is the organization of the devices and materials. A portion is also having set expectations for device treatment and use. However, the greatest impact on developing a strong digital culture within a classroom is how the students are using the devices. Without that sense of purpose and accomplishment, the device becomes a toy in the mind of a student.
Four “must-haves” in a 1:1 elementary technology classroom:
1. Set expectations for how devices should be treated and utilized. “Tool, not a Toy.”
2. Teach students at an early age about digital citizenship to better the future of the Internet.
3. Backup plans for distributing and collecting digital content.
4. Provide purposeful and engaging activities/opportunities so that students won’t want to misbehave with their device.