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Blogger as a Teacher Website: Create a Photo Slideshow

Most teacher websites will contain some files, links, and photos. Adding all those things is pretty simple as you can see from some of my previous posts about Blogger. One of the features that teachers feel is missing is a slideshow. There is a slideshow "gadget" that you can install, but I had quite a few issues using it. I had assumed it would automatically access your Google Photos, but I haven't had consistent enough results to recommend using it. 

A photo slideshow is obviously not a must, but is a nice feature that teachers may want to use so that they can add class photos to it the entire school year. Once your slideshow is embedded, you can just add photos to it by accessing (Please keep in mind that it might redirect you to your Google+ photos as those accounts are connected. Directions to avoid that are in the video below.)

There are lots of different 3rd party webtools you can use that allow you to embed photo slideshows (Snacktools, Photobucket, Flickr), but this example is using Picasa because it is already tied to a teacher's Google account. Therefore, it is one less account the teacher will have to create. 


  1. The app I referenced in the video as Pic Share has changed names. it is now "PicSend." Here is the link to the app:


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