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I've been thinking a lot about backup plans lately. I don't know how many times I've witnessed a classroom teacher send out an email to their students with content for the lesson, and it didn't send to some of the students. Sometimes it doesn't go to the entire class. What are supposed to do then? In reality, teachers should probably be using email as their backup plan in case something goes wrong with their primary line of action. Here are some other distribution resources that I have recommended trying: Padlet, Blogger, Pocket, and originally Kidblog

When I first started in this position as technology coach, I thought about utilizing Edmodo. Even though Edmodo is a great product, I never felt like it was appropriate for lower elementary. Too many options that it would boggle the minds of our youngsters. Even second grade teachers were frustrated as students became overwhelmed with so many things to see. 

Now I'm suggesting we try Showbie. Showbie provides teachers with a simple way to create classes, assignments, and students to turn in digital content. In fact, not all the content has to be digital as students can create something, take a picture of it, and send it through Showbie. 

Earlier this week, I tried Showbie with Mrs. Erexson's second graders. She was excited at the possibilities it holds as she was able to easily distribute content to students and they were able to respond quickly. She was giddy as I was teaching her students how to use it and she was quickly making PDF's, image files, voice notes, and text notes to her students. Her students were equally excited as content was magically appearing on their screens within seconds. 

I recently gave Julie Becker, South Side second grade teacher and technology coach, an overview on how to use Showbie through a Google Hangout. Afterwards, she had two teachers already lined up to try it out. I think she's convinced as well that this will be a viable tool for lower elementary students and teachers.

(Please note that sometimes the video does not start all the way to the beginning of this recording.)

If you are an East Noble teacher and would like to get started, please let me know. I will send you an invitation so that you can be a part of the East Noble School Corporation account as their are some space advantages to being a part of our district. If "pro" accounts would ever become necessary, the transition would be easier if you started with a district account.

Below are listed some quick tutorials created by Showbie if you would like to try it yourself: