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Shadow Puppet 2.0

If you haven't noticed, Shadow Puppet has been revamped. There are a lot of new cool features added that make the app even better than before. Some of these features include:
  • Adding video clips
  • Photos from web (I'd prefer students use their own photos)
  • Music
  • Screen drawing
  • Animated text
  • Uploading to other apps (Showbie, Edmodo, Canvas, Dropbox, etc.)
Shadow Puppet has become a favorite of teachers as students can create very quick and simple slideshows/ presentations. Some teachers even like to use it to make their own teaching materials. (For example, sight-word lists for kindergarten.) Either way, it is a very versatile app that can be used with any content area. Here is one of my favorite examples: 

The new version is most certainly an upgrade. However, students can no longer take pictures within the application. This was a very handy feature for our lower elementary students as they could only take one picture at a time. Every time a picture was taken they had to press the "use" button. Now pictures will have to be taken ahead of time. The concern with that is primary students are never certain they took the picture correctly the first time. So they will take five to ten photos of the exact same thing before they realize they are taking pictures. This may seem insignificant to most, but to a primary elementary teacher it is another step that will have to be reviewed frequently. I hope this feature returns.

Take a look at the new version: