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Remind 101 Revisited

I've actually blogged about the use of Remind101 as a great communication tool with parents in the past. Some high school teachers actually have used it as a communication tool with their students for sports practice and reminders. Keep in mind if you are going to have students participate with their cell phones, you must have written parent permission. 

Yesterday, I witnessed the benefit as I attended my daughter's field trip to Merry Lea: Environmental Learning center of Goshen College. It is a great place for a hike, and great places for hikes also mean there are plants/bugs that will make you itchy. 

Like all good teachers do, a letter was sent out explaining the field trip and advising that students wear long pants, shoes that will survive getting a little muddy, and lunches need to be disposable. Just like most newsletters, they get misplaced or minor details like those listed are forgotten. (Has this ever happened to you?)

There were three first grade classes that participated. One class across the board had students wearing pants, proper footwear, and a sack lunch. Reason why one class had a greater percentage of students in compliance with the expectations: A Remind101 message was sent out the day before with those tidbits of information that we all easily forget. 

So when back to school night comes around in the fall, I would recommend getting all parents to join up with a Remind101 account. It will allow you to get those quick notices out to parents that are easily forgotten in newsletters/field trip forms.