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Blogger of the Day

Using student bloggers is something that I recommended awhile back to help teachers keep their Blogger sites updated and parents informed. I love the ease of use and communicative potential that Blogger holds; especially for primary elementary teachers. 

Michelle Yoder, first grade teacher at Avilla Elementary, decided to give it a try by calling it, "Blogger of the Day." The first day she tried what I had suggested and have a student insert a picture into an email, and write about what was happening in the picture. However, she felt that since her kids are so familiar with using creative apps such as Pic Wall , it would be easier for her first graders to create a post using those tools. This allowed her first graders to be more independent with posting. 

This is still in the beginning stages, but I have a feeling that the potential will build as the class better understands the purpose and the expectation.