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Blogger as a Teacher Website: Students as Guest Bloggers

I've been doing a number of posts on Blogger as a teacher website. In previous posts, I talked about setting up an account, posting from an iPad, creating folders, and making your blogger as a learning resource for your students. Those can all be found by clicking here

In this post, I'm sharing how you can utilize your students as guest bloggers. Why would you want to do this you ask? Why not? The most common complaint I hear about maintaining a teacher website is time. Why not have students do the grunt work and create posts for you. Once you have it all setup, you only have to forward an email, clean up the post, and publish. This should take quite a bit less time. 

Another reason you should consider it is because it will really engage your students into what is happening in the class. What a perfect way to interest your strong students and give them a purpose for writing. After they become a blogging pro, they can train other students so that you don't have to start the cycle over again. 

Last reason you should allow students to post for you is parent involvement. One common complain from teachers is that parents do not look at their website. If you want teachers to look at it and stay informed, what better way than to showcase student bloggers. They can keep the audience coming and informed all at once. Also, make sure you advertise it! If you want parents to view it, have your students look at it frequently. This will cause the students to mention it at home and reel in the page views. 

What are some things you could have them post about? 
  1. Showcase student digital work.
  2. Display art projects by allowing the students to snap a few photos.
  3. Share a fun and exciting lesson that happened in the day.
  4. Tell about a guest speaker or convocation that happened.
  5. Discuss classroom materials needs. 
Here is how to set it up: