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Update on Story by Disney

Story by Disney has to be one of my favorite iOS applications out there. It is user-friendly. It is versatile. Name a content area that where it can't be applied. I dare you!

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I'm posting about the update on Story by Disney because the environment has been completely revamped. In many ways, the app is much easier and stable than it was in the past. You will also want to know that you might have some issues with your classroom account if you had one previously. At first, the app would not let me sign into my account. If you have a device that does not want to sign in, try making a new account with a different email address and then log in with your original class account. Why this is an issue? I have no idea. However, eventually Story let me log in with my original account.

I made a video tutorial on the changes with Story. If I'm unavailable to work with your students on the new version of Story, feel free to show them this video. 

As always, feel free to post comments if you have great ideas on how this app can be used in your class! :)