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Pocket - PD in PJs

PD in PJ's will be kicking off with Pocket. I'm excited at this opportunity as teachers will be able to participate in PD sessions from the comfort of their home. Through Google Hangouts, I plan to not only have teachers participate in the actual meetings, but record for later viewing. Afterward, a small assignment as "proof" of participation will be required for one PGP. (Professional growth point.)

Pocket is a resource that works well across all platforms. You can save websites for later viewing in a more comfortable manner as it "cleans" the page of advertisements. You can also organize the websites with "tags" for easy later finding. This would work well for teachers wanting to organize professional files/student materials, and for students to organize their research materials. 

Pocket Cleans the Page

Pocket in Website View
I have an event planned on Google+/Google Hangouts. You will be able to able to join the session on Thursday starting at 8:00 p.m. You will just need to follow this link to see the Google Plus page. On the time of the event, a "Join Hangout" button will appear. For example: 

Please consider joining me Thursday. On the Google+ site, please indicate that you are coming by pressing the "Yes" button under "Are you going?" 

After the session is over, I plan to post the recording directly here so that you can still participate. Keep in mind, an assignment will be discussed in order to receive the PGP point. I also have a form that I would like you to fill out so that I can confirm your participation. 

For East Noble employees:

If you have a Fujitsu computer, you will nee to do the following updates to run Google Hangouts. We had a few "hangups with hangouts." These updates will need to happen at school:

1. For the microphone fix, make sure you copy all of the text below and paste it in your address bar to download:

2. For the webcam fix, make sure you copy all of the text below and paste it into your address bar to download: