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Kidblog for Publishing

Typically when I speak of using Kidblog, my focus is extremely iOS focused. Mainly because it provides a safe and easy-to-use outlet for primary students. Here in the last few weeks, Ms. Northrup has expressed her excitement as she has been utilizing it with her fifth graders to create dialogue between students about their learning. She loves how naturally engaging the activity is as students love to read each other's posts and comment about it. It is powerful.

This week an idea came to mind as I was reflecting on my old class prior to the days of students having their own device. Ever have students publish their work, and then spend an incredible amount of class time listening to each student share? I think every teacher has done this at some point in time. With Kidblog, pictures are able to be uploaded. So even students using Microsoft Publisher or PowerPoint can save everything as a picture and upload it to the site. Now the students have a location where they can display their work, and other students can give feedback or ask questions at a much faster rate than having each student present. 

If you have a larger Powerpoint presentation, you can utilize the embed option in Office 365 to display it directly onto Kidblog. Not only does this enhance the publishing experience, it also makes it easier for the teacher to grade and give feedback since it is all in one location. This would also ensure that you do not use up all your Kidblog space as embedded objects do not require the hosting that images need. 

Students in East Noble can access their Office 365 by going to

Here is how you embed a Powerpoint in Office 365: