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eduCanon is a fairly new resource for teachers that do any type of "flipped learning." Whether that be that students watch instructional videos at home or in class so that the for the teacher can more effectively differentiate and work with individuals or smaller groups of students. 

I had come across the resource through Twitter and I tweeted it back out so that others could check it out and also because I wanted to remind myself to look at it. Janelle Foster (sixth grade teacher) came to me the next day and asked about it. I was a little shocked at first wondering how she knew about it so quickly, and she simply responded with, "I follow you on Twitter." So suddenly eduCanon moved up my priority list. :) 

What is eduCanon?

Two Warnings: 
1. Students need to have Internet access at home in order to take advantage of this service if you require students to receive the content from home.
2.  Make sure you use Google Chrome.  

Ironically, the day after I came across this site, Mr. Martin (5th grade teacher) approached me about the issues he is having with students either not watching his videos, or they do not retain any of it because they are not engaged. This is where eduCanon comes in as it doesn't allow students to skip ahead, and you can insert multiple choice questions in the middle of the videos. After students respond, you can go back and see their responses. They also have the ability to write a response to questions they miss in order to receive partial credit points. It places all responses in a convenient location for you to click through and see responses, as well as the color code missed questions as red, revised answers as yellow, and correct answers as green. 

The features I mentioned are all free. However, there are some great premium features that are available that I have not been able to see such as free-response questions and downloadable quiz data. 

Before you begin, one of the things you'll want to do is take advantage of a Youtube account. (East Noble employees can sign in with their school username and password.) Youtube allows you to upload your videos for free, and it does not have the abundance of upload restrictions like most hosting sites teachers are accustomed to using. If you are worried about random people coming across your videos, set them to "unlisted."  

How to Create a Video

How Students Participate

Assigning Videos to Classes

Monitoring Student Progress

Manage Classes and Accounts

Lastly, I love that eduCanon works across platforms. I've used it multiple times from my iPad and have had very little issues. 

iPad Version