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Show Me: Student Account Creation and Tutorial

Show Me has been a big focus of mine lately. This has been mostly in the context of a teacher creating a video and either sending it out to students, or being able to download the content so that it can be stored on student devices for flipped learning purposes. Teachers in possession of an iPad have such an opportunity as creating video lessons is a breeze on a touch enhanced device. Show Me makes it even better since they give you so much freedom with your content since it is video that is watchable across multiple platforms and can be downloaded for keeping.

In the following video, I discuss student account creation. If you look at the Terms of Service. It states that parent permission is required. School districts can cover that by having parents sign off on use of Show Me at registration. However, under a teacher's account it is even more secure. Because it does not require that the student submit an email address or other personally identifiable information other than a name. When the teacher creates accounts for students, and registers them as under 13 years of age, Show Me makes all videos created on that username anonymous.

The second video produced is intended as a student tutorial. In it, I demonstrate how to sign into their account, create a video, and email a link to their teacher. This provides students with an exciting opportunity as they will be able to demonstrate their learning, create presentations, and communicate their needs like never before.