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SAMR is a Mindset

As I was participating in a Twitter chat last night (#edtechchat), I noticed this Tweet that I found very thought provoking in reference to the SAMR model. I've discussed the SAMR model with numerous teachers, and am even guilty of presenting it in an APP/webtool approach. However, SAMR is more of a mindset.

I love what this "infographic" says about the modification and redefinition levels. When you reach the modification level, you feel comfortable allowing students to utilize various tools resources allows the learning to be fun an informative. This could be different apps/resources to reach an endpoint, and the entire class may not create the same thing/use the same tools. Reaching this point means the students have a lot of exposure to various tools and understand how to apply them to the learning process.

The redefinition level defined here is much more clear than any way that I have explained it in the past. This is where students control their own learning, collaborate, and create/respond in ways that were not possible without the technology present. Whether you are a 1:1 technology school district or only have a small number of devices, students can reach a variety of endpoints that highlight the learning in different ways. This definition sounds much like Project-Based Learning.

What does this graphic mean to you?