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MACUL 2014

I'm very excited to say that I will be presenting at MACUL 2014 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This will be my third MACUL conference, but my first one not in Detroit.

Last year, Zack Linson and I presented together for a couple of sessions. We attempted to do a live Google Hangout, but I'm not sure that we were very successful. I will attempt to do the same again this year. Google has improved the ability to do a live cast from one year ago. It is so impressive that you can schedule your event prior so that it begins streaming right when you have it scheduled. I may even start doing my professional development sessions at school in this manner for teachers that are unable to participate.

This year I'm presenting by myself. I've titled it: Organized Chaos. Ultimately, that's what it is like at the elementary level. Kids are so excited to learn and do things, but it is a matter of channeling that energy toward the learning objectives. I'll be chatting with people about my role a technology coach, tips and ideas for organizing devices, and the pedagogical side that will solidify success in a 1:1 technology environment.

Hope it goes well!

You can view my live stream below. It will begin on March 13th at 1:00.