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Featured Educator: Faith Erexson

I decided to start a new series that I would post from time to time called Featured Educator. The idea is that a teacher shares their insights on utilizing technology in the classroom as a learning tool, and provides activities that are relevant to preparing students for the fast-paced world. The skills that are provided allow students to better understand technology as much more than a source of entertainment. (Trust me, all students know how to use devices for entertainment.) Students also need to know how to create and work with the devices along with their pencil and paper activities. The worlds should blend together much like the business realm. This will build the problem solving skills students need in order to complete tasks with technology as it is going to be a part of their future.

Faith Erexson is a second grade teacher at Wayne Center Elementary. She loves the excitement and passion the students display when they have the opportunity to create. (I get emails from time to time to show me what her kids are accomplishing, and I love it.) She sees technology as an asset, and as you watch her interview, you can sense that there was a progression over time on how the students use it. I appreciate how Faith is not afraid to jump in and try something. She isn't afraid if it bombs because she knows there has to be another solution, whether it be in another app or just the organization in the use of the technology.

Faith recently attended the MACUL conference and is anxious to try some of the new tips and tricks so many great educators are using. It was a great opportunity for me to brainstorm ways to use technology, and also project-based learning. We were able to participate in an awesome pre-conference workshop with Ginger Lewman on PBL. There we were able to see the natural fit of technology as students can use their devices to plan, collaborate, research, and create through the entire process. Here we created our bio-dome as we collaborated and researched how to create an underwater colony. :)

And...of course I tried to win free stuff by wearing some company's T-shirt. A winner for the iPad mini still hasn't been announced. I've been watching like a hawk!