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eLearning Practice Day

I apologize to my visitors that are not from East Noble School Corporation, but most of the content on today's post applies to my schools. The reason this content is necessary is because the students will be required to complete a practice "eLearning day" to make up for some of the missed school due to lots of snow. However, some of the content might be applicable if you are interested in using Show Me to flip the classroom.

The official practice eLearning day will be a homework item on March 19th. I would recommend making a video prior to that date as it sometimes takes several hours till the Show Me website allows you to download the video.

In case you are curious, I made a sample lesson for first grade with Show Me. 

Teachers creating videos through Show Me will need to view my previous post about how the basics. The following content relates to the downloading process and sending to students through email:

After you create your video, the students will need to be able to download the content. If you are making PDF files or videos, you will need to keep in mind that it is different on an iPad as compared to an iPod touch. So two sets of instruction were necessary for the downloading process. Feel free to display them for your students. As always, I am more than willing to assist in this process. For teachers of young students, please let me know well in advance if you would like assistance because I have groups of students that I can assemble to help with it. 

Student iPad Directions

Student iPod Touch Directions

Lastly, I made a couple documents for you that you may download. Each document is a starter for giving parents directions on where to locate the content. Of course, one is for the iPod Touch and the other pertains to the iPad