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Scrap Pad

Scrap Pad  was an app I came across last week when it was on "Apps Gone Free" . So I scrambled and stressed all my teachers out trying to get this application on their class sets of iPads. :) It is now $4.99, but I believe all the teachers that I work with were able to get it on their class set of devices. (A big sigh of relief.)

This application is very easy and fun to use. It can be applied to any subject area to allow students to creatively share their knowledge. If you have a creative way that you are using ScrapPad, please share it here in the comment section.

This video can be used for your own benefit for learning the application, or if you would like to share it with your students, that would be appropriate as well. This would be an easy way to introduce the application if I am not available to demonstrate it to your class.